Portable Solar Powered Structures

Working closely with Elsa Johnson of IINA Solutions, Mark Snyder invented, patented and manufactured the EMPUS, or Enertopia Multi-Purpose Utility Structure. This standalone solar powered structure can be easily trailered to a location. The structures provide basic necessities : electricity, water and sanitation, in a temperature-controlled system powered by the sun alone. These structures can be used on a temporary or long-term basis, and can be designed to support commercial, NGO or military operations in the field, or for permanent settlements.

It provides a super-insulated (R-42), temperature controlled shelter, a 2kW solar PV tracking system, 16 350-amp hour batteries, a 500 gallon water tank, hot and cold running water, a sink, shower, a composting toilet, solar powered cooling and ventilation, even a communications link. The unit itself absorbs heat in the daytime, and releases it at night as it cools down.

Heating (or cooling) is sent into the home through two insulated ducts from the EMPUS. One unique aspect of the design is the 500-gallon water tank that absorbs the warmth during the day, and then releases the heat at night when it cools off. The EMPUS also includes a rain water catchment.

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