Mark Snyder

Plateau Solar Project Partner

Mark Snyder is recognized worldwide as an expert on evolving alternative energy technologies and applications.  Mark’s commentary has been heard on radio and TV networks in the U.S., United Kingdom, Japan, and Germany.

Mark is committed to creating a sustainable future.  He has been a commercial organic farmer for many years descending from 5 generations of family farmers.

In 1999 Mark was selected by the Clinton Administration to serve on a White House Council addressing the needs of our National Infrastructure in anticipation of the Year 2000 Conversion.

A lifelong proponent of sustainable development, Mark co-authored a paper early in the year 2001 supporting the region wide development of Solar Power for the Energy Engineers of America, and funded a feasibility study that same year to support biodiesel production in San Diego, CA.  Over the course of his career, Mark has installed over 3,000 solar power systems.

Also recognized as a pioneer in bio-fuels, Mark trained in Europe with Dantrim International a worldwide leader in Bio Mass Energy Conversion. In 1985 Mark developed one of California’s first large scale bio-energy conversion projects where a significant client was enabled to produce electric power from agricultural waste to heat greenhouses.

Recently, Mark co-founded Clean Air USA and has partnered with Willie Nelson Biodiesel to bring clean alternative fuels to California.  Diesel soot in California’s Port cities is a carcinogenic killer preying on children, the sick, and the elderly.  Mark was selected by Willie Nelson to accept an EPA Achievement Award on his behalf in 2006

Mark’s breakthroughs came to the attention of one of the country’s premier manufactured homes makers, Hallmark Southwest Corporation, who in 2007, asked Mark to help them develop California’s first factory built zero net energy home, the Green Ribbon Home™, now in production and sales.

Mark has helped champion Solar Rights in California. Using the appeal of the Green Ribbon Home™ and California’s Solar Rights Law, Mark brought net metering to master metered manufactured home parks, which has opened up the solar power market to millions of Californians that currently reside in master metered dwellings. Mark is the first “Green Technology Advisor” to leading Manufactured Home Factory, Hallmark Southwest Corporation.

After serving as its Green Energy Advisor, Mark was appointed Chief Technology Officer for Golden Aria, Inc. (now Enertopia Corporation), to help the publicly traded energy company develop its alternative energy division.

In 2009, Mark partnered with SPX Global to produce 328 mobile solar powered water purification units for the government of Iraq.  The units are in use today by more than 600,000 Iraqis living in remote areas and villages.

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